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Call Service

Phone Answering Service

24/7 Live Call Answering Service

Do your callers often hang up without leaving a message when they realise you’re out of the office? Do you need to be assured of getting your messages and calls accurately and reliably?

Phone Answering Service

Call Service can take the place of a receptionist, with the added advantage that we don’t take breaks, 24 hours a day, we are always ready to answer your call. One easy-to-remember phone number is all you need to know to provide your callers with a friendly, professional and LIVE voice to take your messages whenever you are unavailable.

After Hours Call Service

For a little extra cost over our standard answering service, a unique phone number can be allocated for your business to use exclusively. This enables your calls to be answered in a manner specific to your needs which in turn creates a professional impression with your callers as your virtual receptionist.

Don’t want to confuse people with another number to contact you on? No problem. Simply have your fixed or mobile phone diverted to your unique Call Service number when you are busy or unavailable and have all calls answered in your company name or using a greeting of your choice. Your clients can always reach your office and still get personalised service even if it is after your operating hours.

The 24 hour phone answering solutions offered by Call Service provide the following benefits:

  • Calls are answered in a professional manner and with your company name all hours of the day.
  • Ensures that potential and existing customers get the impression that their call and time is important.
  • Avoid annoying the caller by having them talk to a machine or leave a message.
  • We can let you know the urgency of the call so you can get back to the customer within an appropriate time frame.
  • Much more cost-effective than hiring office staff to man phones.
  • Our trained phone operators are based in Melbourne and understand your business, either it’s small or medium.