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Call Service

24/7 Live Phone Answering Service Australia

  • We have over 66 years’ experience in the Telecommunications Industry
  • Up to 75% of clients are known to hang up upon hearing an
    answering machine or voice mail
  • We can provide you with a personalised service to meet your requirements where the caller believes they are contacting your office
  • All calls are answered and processed in Melbourne, Australia
  • Dedicated lines allows us to professionally answer with your company name

What We Can Do

  • Answer the phone in your company or personal name
  • Store messages for you
  • Send messages to your mobile, pager, email or fax
  • Supply the latest in high technology alphanumeric pagers
  • Collect information from callers responding to a marketing or promotional campaign
  • Take messages when your office is closed

What are professional answering services?

Our answering services are designed to help businesses field incoming phone calls 24/7, especially in cases where staff are not available. Calls are answered by our well-spoken live reception team in a professional manner and a predefined script is utilised to ensure the customer believes they are speaking with someone from your business. Our team is able to give your customers the information they need and/or take their contact details so you can get back to them at a later date.

Why get telephone answering services?

Live answering services are significantly more effective than automated messages and studies show that 75% of customers do not leave voice messages or call again if their call is not picked up. In the communication age, customers expect that their enquiries be answered immediately. Speaking to a answering machine drives people crazy and with affordable rates and customised service, hiring a professional answering company is well worthwhile.

Our Company

Our Company

Call Service began life as a Doctors' telephone answering service in 1951. Established by Ellen & Ted Hamilton.

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Pricing and Plans

Pricing and Plans

Due to the tailored nature of our services pricing is calculated on an individual basis.

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