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Paging service

At Call Service we can arrange to have messages sent directly to your pager. Pagers allow you to keep in touch with your business without needing to be on location. In the event of emergencies or urgent matters a pager provides a discreet means of accessing this information in a timely manner. Another highly recognizable benefit of pagers is their ability to separate business and personal messages.

If you do not currently own a pager we sell the latest alphanumeric pagers. The pagers we offer are:


Apollo Gold ALA25

  • 4 line display for 84 Alpha characters
  • Blue screen backlight
  • Total capacity: 28,000 characters
  • 16 memory slots
  • Button programmable
  • 6 Capcode capacity which can be personal or mail drop with no frame restrictions
  • International date format dd-mm-yy
  • 2,8,16,32 second & continuous personal alert options
  • Priority alert override
  • 16 sets of memory, eight lockable
  • Group alert
  • Ten melodies, four beeper sounds
  • 5 daily alarm sets
  • Time, date display
  • Alarm function
  • Low battery indicator and alarm
  • Extra-long battery life
  • Suitable for Network or Local Area paging
  • 12 month service warranty

Apollo AL924

  • Features and Functions
  • 4-Line , 84 English Alpha Character Memory
  • Easy-To-Read Back-Lit Display
  • Memory Capacity Up To 32,000 Characters
  • 16 Memory Slots + Message Full 10 sets
  • Personal Message Memory: 20 sets, Mail Drop Available
  • Show Time Of Day And Date
  • User Selectable 12/24 Hour Clock
  • Message Date And Time Stamping
  • Incomplete Message-In Indication
  • Duplicate Message Indicator
  • Locks Important Message (Up To 10 Sets)
  • All Or Individual Message Delete
  • Unread Message Indicator, Reminder Alert

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