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Lone Worker solution

The Lone Worker Solution allows clients to log their start and expected finish times with one of our Call Service operators. Once the client has finished their task, they then make contact with our operators again to advise them that they have officially completed their task. However, if the client fails to make contact by the expected finish time the escalation process, as determined by the client, begins. For example, if the client does not make contact by their expected finish time, and the specific leeway time set by the client has passed , our operator will then attempt to contact the client. If the client cannot be contacted the escalation process begins, this may include: contacting supervisors, managers, and/or emergency services.

As with all of our services, the Lone Worker Solution is completely customizable to the needs of each client.

The key benefit of this service is increased Organisational Health & Safety practices. It is particularly beneficial to clients whose employees are exposed to potentially hazardous situations including employees working night shift or high risk jobs.