Business Service

We can build customised answering and messaging solutions to suit the needs of your business.

With our tailored Corporate Services, our Call Service operators can professionally answer every call 24/7 using your company’s name, just like your own personal receptionist. This allows your client to speak with a person, not a machine, which enhances their experience with your company. It also eliminates the frequency of customers being placed on hold and the use of automated messages which frustrates potential customers.

Not only can we act as your overflow or after hours call centre, but we can also support your marketing and promotional activities by collecting data from callers.

General business enquiries can be filtered according to department, product or service to ensure that consistent and relevant information is provided to your customers no matter when they call.

Service calls can be redirected to the relevant technician according to a customer supplied roster or schedule. Our operators can collect important details and pass them on quickly and accurately. Based on your specific requirements, emergency or breakdown service calls can be monitored and escalated to minimise any response delay.

Comprehensive reporting of call/message activity can be provided on an ad-hoc or scheduled basis.

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