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Virtual Office Service

Melbourne based answering company, Call Service can assist individuals and businesses large or small with our Virtual Office Services. We can answer every call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year personally and professionally in your company name, just as if we were sitting in your office. With Call Service, clients get to speak with a person, not a machine, which enhances their customer service experience. This means your calls are answered without putting your clients on hold (causing an unnecessary delay to the client) or lengthy automated menus, which often frustrates callers. With Call Service, your clients are assured of receiving friendly and professional service from an Australian owned and operated company. Our staff will handle your messages accurately and efficiently, and, if required, follow roster procedures and/or carry out call escalation protocols according to your instructions. We are well equipped to handle any volume of calls. With over 63 years’ experience in the industry handling inbound calls to messaging and paging services, we are able to tailor this service to suit your needs and budget.


Call us on 9387 1000 or 1800 334 699 (for out of state callers) to discuss your Virtual Office needs. The cost of a Basic service with us is marginally less than hiring your own staff.