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Personal Phone
Personal Phone
Answering Services

Getting important calls out of hours is no longer an issue with our personalised telephone answering service.

Message Services
Message Services

Call service is highly experienced in providing messaging solutions. Options include forwarding messages via SMS, email and/or fax.

Corporate Services

Not sure which communication solution would suit you? Look at the Corporate Services page for more information.

Pager Services

We provide a variety of contemporary and efficient paging solutions, have a look at Pager Services page for more information.

Telephone Answering Services - Australia Wide


About Call Service

  • We have over 60 years’ experience in the Telecommunications Industry
  • Up to 75% of clients are known to hang up upon hearing an answering machine or voice mail
  • We can provide you with a personalised service to meet your requirements where the caller believes they are contacting your office
  • All calls are answered and processed in Melbourne, Australia
  • Dedicated lines allows us to professionally answer with your company name

What We can do

  • Answer the phone in your company or personal name
  • Store messages for you
  • Send messages to your mobile, pager, email or fax
  • Supply the latest in high technology alphanumeric pagers
  • Collect information from callers responding to a marketing or promotional campaign
  • Take messages when your office is closed
  • Provide a 24 hour "customer service department"
  • Filter and redirect general business enquiries
  • Be your emergency or breakdown service call centre
  • Relay messages in accordance with your roster
  • Provide regular reports of your messages by email or fax

What are professional answering services?

Our answering services are designed to help businesses field incoming phone calls 24/7, especially in cases where staff are not available. Calls are answered by our well-spoken live reception team in a professional manner and a predefined script is utilised to ensure the customer believes they are speaking with someone from your business. Our team is able to give your customers the information they need and/or take their contact details so you can get back to them at a later date.

We also provide message forwarding and paging to keep you in the loop while you’re on the job, as well as emergency and lone worker services.

Why get telephone answering services?

Live answering services are significantly more effective than automated messages and studies show that 75% of customers do not leave voice messages or call again if their call is not picked up. In the communication age, customers expect that their enquiries be answered immediately. Speaking to a answering machine drives people crazy and with affordable rates and customised service, hiring a professional answering company is well worthwhile.

Who uses live answering services?

Answering services are ideal from small businesses and sole traders to SME’s and even larger companies looking to outsource some of the overflowed reception work during and after business.

Our services are particularly useful for sole traders and one-person businesses that are often too busy to take the call themselves but don’t have the budget or resources for additional staff. This includes plumbers, electricians and even professional services such as doctors on call. Call Service has been operating in Melbourne since 1951 however we offer our services all over Australia and have clients in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide as well as rural areas. Because our team are locally-based and well-versed in the services of the business, your customers are sure that they’re talking to someone from within your office rather than an outsourced company.