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Call Service

Messaging Service

We offer a range of standard and customised messaging service options for your business which include message forwarding and/or call forwarding. Messages can be forwarded via SMS, a pager, personal notification, or email, whilst we also provide you with 24/7 answering service.

Personal Notification

After receiving a call, one of our operators will ring through the message to any phone number that you specify.

Short Message Service (SMS)

Messages can be sent to any mobile phone regardless of the network with which the phone or SIM card is registered making it one of the most reliable and simple ways for communications to be received.

Paging Services

With one of our pagers, there is no need to worry about missed or urgent calls. Our paging services offer the convenience of receiving all messages directly to your pager, allowing you to effectively separate professional and personal matters.

Email Services

Email provides a quick and cheap communication medium without geographical boundaries and excess costs. This solution is ideal for clients who are away from their home base where SMS messaging may not be possible or appropriate.

Call us today on 03 9387 1000 or 1800 334 699 (for out-of-state callers) to discuss your 24/7 Answering & Messaging service needs, or request a quote.