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Pager Services

We can arrange to have messages sent to your own pager, or we can sell you the latest alphanumeric pager.

With a pager you can keep in touch with what is going on in your business without always being on location. In the event of emergencies or urgent matters a pager provides a discreet means of accessing this information.

Call service can provide a pager depending on your preference for screen/display size. This pager is reliable and easy-to-use and includes helpful features such as an unread message indicator and a generous memory capacity.

Apollo AL924

  • Features and Functions
  • 4-Line , 84 English Alpha Character Memory
  • Easy-To-Read Back-Lit Display
  • Memory Capacity Up To 32,000 Characters
  • 16 Memory Slots + Message Full 10 sets
  • Personal Message Memory: 20 sets, Mail Drop Available
  • Show Time Of Day And Date
  • User Selectable 12/24 Hour Clock
  • Message Date And Time Stamping
  • Incomplete Message-In Indication
  • Duplicate Message Indicator
  • Locks Important Message (Up To 10 Sets)
  • All Or Individual Message Delete
  • Unread Message Indicator, Reminder Alert